We help you to work on your dream
with mindfulness tools & trainings,
sustainable products and a clear focus.


Clarity, fairness, self-development and sustainability are our main cornerstones.


Make life simpler. That’s one of our goals. All our products are clean and simple with a strong functionality. We believe this will contribute to a more sustainable production process and longer lifecycle.


Make sustainability affordable. We prove it’s possible. Therefore we had to cut all unnecessary distribution chains. With our partners we can make a change and give everyone a chance to choose for sustainability.


Live your Dream. For us it’s about acquiring and understanding of your own identity , values, strengths and weaknesses , interests and ambitions and plan the actions necessary to further develop competencies.


Life is Precious. Do we need to say more? Climate change, environmental pollution, animal welfare, deforestation, refugees, political issues, the list goes on and on. It’s time to take action. Wear our clothing and show the world what’s important to you.

Find your goals

Meet the Dream Machine

The Dream Machine helps you to reveal your natural-born talents and qualities and define purpose.

Do you want to know why you’re unique?

Are you curious to know your power, emotions and intuition? Discover your Blueprint and start developing your self-awareness. See your unique talents and qualities. You can access your Blueprint 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anywhere, anytime, all over the world.

Do you have questions about your Blueprint?

When you’ve purchased your Blueprint, we’re here to answer all your questions by mail, or with our own support system. Would you rather prefer a more personal approach? We also offer personal training to get your Blueprint explained by our trainer. Get your personal training once or as many times as you need it.

Do you want to create a Dream Team?

Are you planning to start a new company with someone else? Or do you want to improve your personal relation? We are here to help you understand each others Blueprint. This is an easy way to get to know your similarities and challenges. Give yourself and your partner the time and space needed and shape your Dream Team!

Wear your goals

Discover your Dream Wear

Make your dream small and set your goal. Focus automatically on your goal by wearing it.

1. Choose your clothing

It doesn’t matter if you have your Blueprint or not. Anyone can start with Dream Wear. Choose your style and focus colour and you’re ready to start living your dream!

2. Choose your focus

Each colour is connected to a specific focus. Make your choice by selecting one or more of our 12 focus colours. We describe each colour in depth at our Dream Wear page. Which colour do you choose?

3. Go for it!

Anything you put your attention on grows. If you’re planning to do something for your dream, the colour red “Autonomy” would be a good choice to help you remind you. Choose your focus, wear your colour.

Find your inspiration