Discover your Blueprint

Your personal Blueprint is a summary of your
natural born abilities. It will guide you in finding
meaning and purpose in life.

Our services are available in English and Dutch.

One hour Whatsapp consultation

We help you to give you a visual understanding of yourself. We believe that if you know yourself you can accomplish more. This one hour call will help you understand your Blueprint. We will guide you step by step. This way you will get a stronger foundation to set your goals and dreams. The Blueprint will guide you to discover your inspiration, purpose, challenges and much more!

Receive your Blueprint in PDF format

We create your Blueprint with a visual presentation (around 15 pages). The symbols in your Blueprint have unique colors representing your full potential and periods of change. Your Blueprint is created with precision predictions based upon quantum mechanics and astrology. To make precision calculations we make use of an astronomical system.

Privacy & Security means everything to us

We will not save your personal data at all. We just need to generate your Blueprint with your date, place and time of birth. Once this is done we will delete all information. You will be the only one with your Blueprint. All we care is that the information you give us for generating the Blueprint is as accurate as possible. For more information regarding privacy and security please contact us.

Olga & Okke are passionate about helping people understanding meaning
and purpose in life. They founded ORIGIN:DREAM to create personal
Blueprints for everyone.

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